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Wonzone Contruction Co., Ltd. began to enter the pharmaceutical andmedicine industry engineering construction industry in 2003. After more than ten years of market and business development, it has cooperated with many well-known domestic pharmaceutical companies, R&D centers, hospitals, and disease control centers. Established long-term cooperative relationship. These include Qilu Pharmaceutical, Wanhua Chemical, Luye Pharmaceutical, Kanghong Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Fudan University, Shenzhen Nanshan Hospital, Shenzhen Pingshan Hospital, Sanofi and other well-known enterprises and institutions.

   From the beginning of several technical backbones, after continuous growth and accumulation, the company has gradually grown to today’s management team of more than 30 people and a construction team of more than 500 people. Currently, there are 6 first-level construction engineers and 18 second-level construction engineers. The annual turnover exceeded 150 million.

    The company's technical team consists of industry elites with more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical engineering industries, including R&D team, design team, cost engineer, engineering construction team, chief engineering office and management headquarters. Keep improving, continue to expand, and provide customers with high-quality projects in an all-round way is our ultimate goal.

    The company's main business scope: general contracting projects for electromechanical installation in the pharmaceutical and fine chemical industries, clean room installation projects for pharmaceutical companies, biosafety laboratories, PCR laboratories, disease control centers, hospital purification and operating room projects, synthetic laboratory animal room projects, etc. .

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