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  • Russia Shipping News

    Russia Shipping News

    Apr 19, 2024

    Project name:Clean room project Project Address:Moscow, Russia Shipping time:Mar, 2024 Project Content:Clean room sandwich panel、clean room partition wall、clean room double/single glass window、clean room pass box、clean room door、soundproof panel、ventilate sandwich panel、aluminum ceilings、aluminum profile etc. Refer pictures:

  •  Vietnam customer clean room material shipments

    Vietnam customer clean room material shipments

    Jan 17, 2020

    The company has been focusing on the production and development of clean room materials, clean room equipment, clean room engineering, etc. In the customer first, integrity first service concept. 2019.12.23 Vietnamese customers who have followed for months have finally placed an order. For the past few months, we have been patiently communicating with customers about related issues. The type of material, relevant dimensions, accessories, etc. have all been confirmed in detail. Customers trust us very much. They have also visited our factory and highly appreciated our products and strength. This order includes clean room materials,clean room sandwich panels, clean room doors, clean room windows ... Welcome inquiry and  purchase from Wonzone!

  • June 1st Philippines order News

    June 1st Philippines order News

    Jun 01, 2019

    Recently, our company exported a batch of aluminum products to the Philippines. This order comes from our old customers. Ordering our aluminum profiles, we have built a strong friendship and a good foundation of trust since the first order was placed last year. Because of the first cooperation, We left a good impression on each other, the customer is very satisfied with our products and services, so I have this cooperation again. Therefore, we are professional、trustworthy manufacturers! The goods will be sent to the Philippines on the June 1st. The following are some pictures of the goods, for reference only!

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