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Laboratory cabinets include Laboratory lockers,reagent storage cabinets and wallcupboardetc.Laboratory lockers are different from ordinary household wardrobes and have stricter requirements on load-bearing capacity, moisture resistance, anti-slip, and corrosion resistance...
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Laboratory cabinets includeLaboratory lockers,reagent storage cabinets、wall cupboard etc.

1.Laboratory lockers are different from ordinary household wardrobes and have stricter requirements on load-bearing capacity, moisture resistance, anti-slip, and corrosion resistance.


A:In design- the simplest four-sided structure is mainly adopted, that is, the structure of upper, lower, front and side rear.

B:In color--can choose different colors according to your preferences.

C:In use: it can be used not only in laboratories、 but also in public places such as schools,swimming pools、 companies, etc.

Deatail picture:

2.Reagent storage cabinets, also known as sample storage cabinet and medicine cabinet, is a cabinet used to store medicine reagents in the laboratory. Its characteristic is convenient and durable.

A:Full wood structure:
1. The cabinet is made of E1 environmentally-friendly 18mm melamine decorative panel, which is fire-resistant, resistant to weak acids and weak bases, and has a beautiful appearance.
2. Cabinet door: The cabinet door is double-open, and the configuration is a combination of all wood and glass doors. High-temperature hot-melt adhesive is used for high-pressure edge sealing and waterproof treatment. The handle is made of aluminum alloy with beautiful appearance.
B:All steel structure
1. Cabinet body: The outer shell is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate cut in the CNC machining center, positioning and drilling, bending and welding, and then forming. It needs to be pickled and phosphated and sprayed with epoxy resin powder at high temperature to cure, hardness and corrosion resistance Very strong and beautiful in appearance.
2. Cabinet door: double opening, the configuration is a combination of all steel and glass doors. Use high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, non-welded connection, detachable with shock absorber.
C:PP material
1. Cabinet door: made of anticorrosive PP polypropylene porcelain white material, cut and welded by machinery and equipment.
2. Hardware: The door hinge is made by one-time injection molding with PP mold.

3.The laboratorywall cupboard is usually installed above the side cabinet experiment table, hung on the wall, and used to place experimental equipment or materials.The material is usually painted steel and wood.

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