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Clean room ceiling system is an important part of the clean room system. It consists of an aluminum alloy t grid system and a ceiling system. It is usually used in clean room projects where the cleanliness level is relatively high, for example: Class 100, Class 1000, 100000 It is widely used in the electronics industry, chemical industry, military industry, etc., and it is also used in other industries. The main function of the Clean room ceiling system is to support FFU (Fan, Filter Unit) equipment, fire sprinkler systems, lighting systems, broadcasting systems, etc. The Clean room ceiling system is suspended from the building structure or steel structure by suspension components. The Clean room ceiling system produced by our company has been carefully designed and developed over 10 years, combined with the advantages of various T grid systems, with light weight, high strength, walkable, easy to install, and so on. It is the basis for multiple system installations.

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