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There are many types of clean room equipment, including ventilation equipment, lighting equipment, fire fighting equipment, electrical equipment, etc. There are four  kinds of clean room equipment produced by our company, pass box、air shower、Purified laminar flow cover andweighing cover.There are widely usedin the clean room system.

Pass Box

The pass box is widely used in LCD, electronic factory, micro technology, biological laboratory, pharmaceutical factory, hospital, food processing industry and other places that need air purification.The main function of the Pass box is to transfer items, reduce the movement of people in the clean room to reduce the generation of dust, and also act as a small item transfer.

Air shower

The air shower has a series of air shower for people, and a series of air shower for goods.There are various combinations of blowing showers such as single-side blowing showers, double-side blowing showers, and top blowing showers; air shower doors include manual doors, automatic doors, and fast rolling shutter doors.The air shower is the passage that a person must pass through when entering the clean room. It uses the high-speed air to blow the personnel to eliminate the dust particles brought into the clean room and ensure the cleanliness of the room....

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