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Chemical Laboratory Full Steel Exhaust Fume Hood


Fume hood is an indispensable kind of laboratory furniture. It has the function of exhausting and ventilating in the laboratory...

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Introduction detail:

The most important function of the fume hood is the exhaust function. In the chemical laboratory, various harmful gases, odors, moisture and flammable, explosive, and corrosive substances are generated during the experimental operation, in order to protect the safety of users To prevent the pollutants in the experiment from spreading to the laboratory, use a fume hood near the source of pollution.

Part 1:Product parameter

Product name

Fume hood




top-down approach

Table top

solid core physicochemical panelstainless steel panelPVCceramic etc.


all steel, steel wood, wood, aluminum wood, plastic steel, PVC


width 1000 1200 150018002000 mm                          700-900 mm in depth/H 1900-2400 mm

Open height of glass


Wind speed of operate port

not less than 0.5 m/s

Part 2:Classification

1.Classify according to exhaust type:Top exhaust type, bottom exhaust type and simultaneous top and bottom exhaust type;

2.Classify according to air inlet type:Full exhaust fume hood、Compensating air type fume hood、Variable air volume fume hood;

3.Classified by usage status:Integral type、bottom open type、floor type、two-sided type、 three-sided glass type、 table type,、conjoined type, etc.

Part 3:Detail picture:


1. Adopt a single-slit exhaust structure to effectively exhaust harmful gases.
2. Streamlined handle, there is a gap between the handle and the glass. Because the air flow on the table is rotating, it can ensure effective air intake from the surface.
3. Set the window anti-dropping pin, in case the steel wire rope falls off and the glass window accidentally falls, the anti-dropping pin will catch it to prevent people from being injured.
4. The glass window adopts toughened glass, so there will be no accidents.
5. Ventilation holes are provided on the upper part of the fume hood to avoid greater negative pressure.
6. The fume hood shell is made of metal material, which is fireproof and non-combustible. The inner cavity is made of flame-retardant or non-combustible materials such as anti-fold special plates and stainless steel plates, and the table tops are made of solid physical and chemical plates or stainless steel plates that are acid-proof, heat-resistant and flame-retardant.
7. The effective height of the glass window is 800mm, the inner cavity is 1200mm, and the table height is 800mm. It is ergonomic, easy to operate, and has a large space for use, which improves safety.
8. The water nozzle and air nozzle are operated remotely from the outside of the cabinet, which is more convenient and safer than direct manual operation.

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