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In order to quickly and effectively remove indoor dust particles, the return air outlet of the clean workshop should be located in the lower part of the room so that the direction of air flow is consistent with the direction of dust particle settlement....

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Ventilate sandwich panel

1)In order to quickly and effectively remove indoor dust particles, the return air outlet of the clean workshop should be located in the lower part of the room so that the direction of air flow is consistent with the direction of dust particle settlement. Since the difference between the following speed of dust particles and the airflow speed is very small, when the airflow direction is consistent with the dust particle settling direction, the dust particles can be discharged to the return air outlet more smoothly. Therefore, in clean rooms, the upper and lower methods are generally used. This is a basic principle of the clean room principle.

2)The upper edge of the lower return air outlet should not be too high from the ground. Because the work area can start from 0.7m above the ground, the upper edge of the return air outlet should be lower than this value by a certain amount. It is safer to be at least 0.2m above. Otherwise, in addition to the airflow above the workbench itself, the airflow elsewhere will also be from It flows over the countertop, bringing pollution elsewhere

3)Realize the fresh air circulation in the purification workshop, and the filter efficiency of the return air outlet helps prevent cross-contamination of pollutants in different workshops.


1. Air renewal, elimination of static electricity;

2.Fresh air circulation to prevent pollution;

3.Easy to install and easy to clean

Stainless steel return air outlet

1)When the indoor load is constant, the amount of cold air that needs to be sent indoors is certain. In summer, the temperature of indoor air is generally lower than that of fresh air, so the return air outlet is used to return some air into the air-conditioning box and mix with a small amount of fresh air to make cold air and send it into the room. Compared with using all fresh air to cool the air, it can be more effective. Energy saving.
2)In air-conditioning projects, in addition to single-layer louver air outlets and fixed louver straight strip slot air outlets, there are also grate holes, mesh plates, orifice plates and mushroom-shaped return air outlets.


1.Made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant and not prone to condensation;

2.Beautiful design and easy installation;

3.Widely used in medicine, chemical industry and other places;

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