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The container-type modular laboratory is an outdoor laboratory that consists of multiple modular containers to form different spatial structures, including HVAC systems, structures, electrical systems, water supply and drainage systems, etc. It has the characteristics of convenient installation, space expansion and complete functions...

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Detailed introduction:

1)The container-type laboratory can be installed on the outdoor concrete foundation and assembled through modular splicing to become a laboratory suitable for various requirements.

2)At the same time, the container laboratory can also be extended in height. After matching certain structural columns, it can become a multi-layer laboratory structure, which can meet different levels of use requirements.

3)Because it is used outdoors, the container laboratory needs good heat insulation and antifreeze performance, which can meet the requirements of outdoor environmental factors in most areas.


1. Suitable for outdoor construction, with good heat insulation and anti-freeze performance;

2. Can integrate production equipment and process pipelines;

3. Can be stacked into multi-story buildings to meet various needs;

4. Convenient transportation and simple installation;

5. Reusable and lossless conversion.

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Social Issues Solved:

Due to the general aging of the population around the world, and the poor working conditions of construction personnel, a large number of young people prefer to choose to enter offices or factories instead of going to the project site for construction, resulting in a decrease in the number of construction personnel and an increase in their age. Adopting the mode of modular building and modular clean room/laboratory, a large amount of production and processing work only needs to be completed in the factory and qualified for debugging, and then transported to the designated place for small workload assembly work as required. Great The problem of saving engineering construction labor is also achieved. At the same time, the effect of reuse can also be achieved. Even if the project is relocated, the modular clean room can be simply dismantled and transported to other locations, which not only saves costs, but also saves energy!

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