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Fiberglass panel is generally used for soft packaging base, and then wrapped cloth, leather, etc., to make beautiful wall and ceiling decoration.It's very widely used.It has the characteristics of sound absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, environmental protection and flame retardant....

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Fiberglass panel alias: glass fiber insulation board, glass fiber board (FR-4), glass fiber synthetic board, etc., by glass fiber material and high heat resistance composite material synthesis, does not contain harmful to human asbestos components.It has high mechanical and dielectric properties, good heat resistance and moisture resistance, and good processability.Used in plastic mold, injection mold, machine manufacturing, molding machine, drilling machine, injection molding machine, motor, PCB, ICT fixture, table grinding plate.Injection mold molding usually requires: high temperature material and low temperature mold.Heat insulation must be used in the same aircraft condition.Keep the injection mold low temperature and do not make the injection molding machine temperature too high.This requirement can be met by installing an insulating insulation plate between the injection mold and the injection machine.Shorten the production cycle, improve productivity, reduce energy consumption, improve the quality of finished products, continuous production process to ensure stable product quality, prevent machine overheating, no electrical failure, hydraulic system without oil leakage.

Fiberglass plywood with glass fiber glued to the surface is manufactured at high temperature and pressure, and its outer surface has high quality moisture resistance.This kind of plate is suitable for the manufacture of containers.The sizes available are: board width up to 3658 mm, board length can be any size, up to 12 meters.The content of glass fiber is 25-40% by weight.The standard colors are gray and secondary white.The board can be steam cleaned.


White FR4 light plate main technical features and applications:Electrical insulation performance is stable, good flatness, smooth surface, no pit, thickness tolerance exceeds the standard, suitable for high performance electronic insulation requirements of the products, such as FPC reinforcement board, tin furnace high temperature plate, carbon diaphragm, precision star wheel, PCB test rack, electrical (electrical) equipment insulation partition, insulation plate, transformer insulation, motor insulation, etc.Deflection coil terminal board, electronic switch insulation board, etc.

Application category:

The sheet has a small thermal conductivity and can be used as a non-high temperature (+150℃) thermal insulation material and a low temperature (30℃) thermal insulation material for various industrial buildings.Because the plate is loose and porous, it has the characteristics of reflecting sound waves when it is built with rigid tight walls, and can be used as a high-quality sound-absorbing material.For example, the insulation layer used for the outer layer of the ventilation pipe can replace the cork board or wood wire board, without deterioration due to moisture absorption and mildew;If used as a sound absorption layer for buildings with special requirements, it can replace ultra-fine glass wool felt;Due to the low moisture absorption rate of the sheet, it can be used as a high-quality moisture-proof material.It can also be used as a large area of wall and ceiling insulation.Or for acoustic joint vibration isolation treatment.

Application example:

Used as cold storage insulation material, used for air conditioning room wall, ventilation trench, ditch wall as insulation material, used for broadcast recording studio double wall as sound insulation, insulation material, used for longitudinal foundation as sound insulation, vibration insulation material, used for broadcast, recording studio as roof insulation, insulation layer, used for constant greenhouse wall insulation, insulation material, etc

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