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  • Pharmaceutical


    Clean room are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical production:Biopharmaceutical clean room pollution control: pollution source control, dissemination process control, cross-contamination control. Different cleanliness requirements corresponding to the process are proposed for the pharmaceutical production environment. For the preparation of raw materials,powders, injections, tablets, large infusion production, filling and other processes, cleanliness standards for clean areas and control areas have been established. The key technology of clean room medicine is mainly to control dust and microorganisms. As a pollutant, microorganisms are the most important environmental control of clean room. The equipment and pipelines in the clean area of the pharmaceutical factory can directly pollute the medicine without affecting the cleanliness test. Therefore, we say: GMP requires air purification technology, and air purification technology does not mean that the cleanliness level is not applicable. Characterize the physical, chemical, radiological, and vital properties of suspended particles. Sanofi pharmaceutical co. LTD GMP, full name (GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES), Chinese meaning is "production quality management norms" or "good practice specifications", "good manufacturing standards." GMP is a set of mandatory standards applicable to the pharmaceutical, food and other industries. It requires enterprises to achieve hygienic quality requirements in accordance with relevant national regulations, such as raw materials, personnel, facilities and equipment, production processes, packaging and transportation, quality control, etc. The operational specifications help companies improve the corporate health environment, identify problems in the production process, and improve them. Briefly speaking, GMP requires pharmaceutical, food and other production enterprises to have good production equipment, reasonable production process, perfect quality management and strict testing system to ensure that the final product quality (including food safety and hygiene) meets the requirements of the regulations.

  • Electronic


    Clean room are widely used in the information electronics. The microelectronics industry is currently the industry with the highest requirements for cleanrooms. The production and development of large-scale and very large scale integrated circuits (LSI and LSI) and liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are increasingly demanding for dust control. In addition, modern industry The production of liquid crystals, optical fibers, etc., also has high cleanliness requirements. The electronics industry is the most dependent on clean and related controlled environments, and clean technology accounts for approximately 67% of the entire clean industry market. In China, the clean room construction material cost of the electronics industry is about 5 billion yuan per year. Among them, the microelectronics industry represented by the integrated circuit chip production line is about 3 billion yuan per year. In addition, the flat panel display (FPD) industry is a strategic industry that supports the sustainable development of China's electronic information industry, and it is also an important consumer of clean room related suppliers. According to the survey, the world's largest clean room is used in the flat panel display industry, and a single clean room can accommodate 32 aircraft.

  • Food


    Clean room are widely used in the food The clean room industry is also widely used in the food sector. Aseptic packaging of food (such as soft-packed fresh juice, milk, etc.) requires a packaging process in a clean environment. Orion Food Co.,Ltd. Nowadays, more and more people pay attention to diet, the more they pay attention to the quality of ordinary foods, and higher increase the consumption of fresh food. The construction material market for clean rooms in the food industry is becoming more and more popular year by year. For example, certain process of juices, dairy products, meat processing, grain and wineries, bakeries, commercial and public kitchens and so on all need to be done in a clean room. The cost of a clean room in the food industry varies from cleaning requirements.

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