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Management of Access to Clean Rooms

Nov 27,2019
1. Personnel entering the clean room should strictly enforce the system, route and sequence of personal purification. When leaving the clean room, it must follow the above order and route, and clean articles are not allowed to be brought into the hall.
2. If there is a shower room, it must be blown according to the regulations before entering the clean room. At the same time, in strict accordance with the specifications and use requirements of the air shower room, the number of people entering the air shower room should be controlled every time, and the forced closure of the running fan or power supply in the air shower room should not be allowed. Generally, the number of dust particles emitted from the surface of the human body decreases by 40-60%.
3. For the purpose of not disturbing the clean air flow pattern in the room, no articles should be placed on the upstream side of the working area, and no objects should be piled up near the return air outlet. There should be no clogging or stacking under the air supply orifice plate. The production operation should be carried out on the clean workbench or upstream of the airflow.
4. It is not allowed to bring into the clean room articles which are not related to production and which are easy to produce dust.
5. Smoking, diet and unproductive activities are strictly prohibited in clean rooms.
6. Before entering the clean room, personal belongings should be put in the designated cabinet, make-up and jewelry removed, and the designated clean clothes and shoes should be replaced.
7. When wearing a hat, you should cover all your hair, and the shoe cover should tightly wrap the bottom of your pants around the shoe cover.
8. When taking off clean work clothes, we should avoid the work clothes touching the ground, tables and other items. Generally, we should take off the work clothes from bottom to top, and store them in cabinets or hang them in prescribed places.
9. When leaving the clean room, it is not allowed to take off the clean work clothes before the changing area. If you enter the clean room after removing your work clothes, you still need to enter the clean room in the prescribed order.

10. When leaving the clean room, you can enter the replacement area without air shower. Regular inspection and calibration of various testing, measuring instruments and instruments to ensure the accuracy and reliability of measurement control. Operators should strictly implement relevant management requirements and regulations to ensure the safety of operators.

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