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Instructions and maintenance of ultra-clean workbench

Feb 23, 2021

The ultra-clean workbench is a facility that provides a sterile operating environment for laboratory work to protect the experiment from the external environment, while providing a certain degree of protection for the external environment to prevent contamination and protect the operator.

To The ultra-clean workbench can be divided into vertical type, inside-out type and lateral type. In terms of operating quality and environmental impact, the vertical type is superior. The clean air provided by the air supply filter plate descends through the operation area at a specific speed, and is divided approximately in the middle of the operation area. It is sucked by the front air suction hole and the rear suction window, and the air sucked in the lower part of the operation area is mixed. Together, they are pumped into the rear positive pressure zone by a blower. In the upper part of the machine, 30% of the gas is discharged from the top through the exhaust filter plate, and about 70% of the gas is reentered into the operating area through the oxygen filter plate. In order to supplement the air discharged from the exhaust port, the same volume of air is replenished from the room air through the operating port.

To Instructions for use of ultra-clean workbench

1. Before using the ultra-clean workbench, apply UV light for 30-40 minutes, and check that all openable doors and windows around the operating area are in working positions. The operation is best carried out in the center of the operating area, which is a safer area in design.

2. Before proceeding with the operation, you should have a preliminary understanding of the experimental materials, and understand the performance and safety level of the equipment you are using. Strictly implement laboratory safety regulations. The use of specific pathogens in any ultra-clean bench must undergo a safety assessment. If the experimental material will cause environmental pollution to the surrounding environment, it should be avoided in the model without exhaust filter plate, because operation in flowing air is no different from dispersing poison.

3. Any advanced equipment cannot guarantee the success of the experiment. The ultra-clean workbench of the animal quarantine laboratory is used for the purpose of sterility and avoiding cross-contamination. Therefore, skilled operation and clear aseptic essentials are essential. To The ultra-clean workbench is a relatively sophisticated electrical equipment, and it is very important to maintain and maintain it regularly.

To Clean bench maintenance 

1. Keep the room dry and clean. Moist air will not only cause corrosion of manufacturing materials, but also affect the normal operation of electrical circuits. Moist air is also conducive to the growth of bacteria and mold.

2. Regular cleaning of equipment is an important part of normal use. A clean environment can also extend the life of the filter plate. Cleaning should include routine cleaning before and after use and regular treatment. When fumigating, all gaps should be completely sealed, such as the type of ultra-clean workbench with a movable baffle cover at the operation port, which can be sealed with plastic film.

3. The filter plate and ultraviolet germicidal lamp of the ultra-clean workbench have a calibrated service life and should be replaced on schedule.

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