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Matters needing attention in the construction of dust-free workshop

Mar 13, 2021

Many factories now use dust-free workshops. There are many problems that need attention in the design and implementation of dust-free workshops. If you are not careful, it will cause adverse effects and cause irreversible consequences. Then, some precautions about the clean room are as follows:

1. Pay attention to energy-saving work in air-conditioning purification.

The air conditioner itself consumes a lot of energy and consumes a lot of energy. During the installation and implementation process, attention should be paid to the division of the system area, the calculation of the air supply, the determination of the temperature and the relative temperature, the determination of the cleanliness level and the number of air changes, and the fresh air ratio. Air duct insulation, the influence of the biting form in the duct production on the air leakage rate, the influence of the connection angle of the main pipe and branch pipe on the airflow resistance, whether the flange connection is leaking, and the selection of equipment such as air-conditioning box, fan, chiller, etc. Regarding energy consumption, these related factors must be taken into consideration, repeated trials and testing, and accurate records.

2. The air duct requires economy and efficiency.
In centralized or purified air-conditioning systems, the requirements for air ducts are economical and effective air delivery. The former requirements are embodied in cheap prices, convenient construction of dust-free workshops, operating costs, and low resistance to smooth inner surfaces. The latter is Refers to good tightness, no air leakage, no dust generation, no dust accumulation, no pollution, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance, etc. During operation, sometimes the local resistance of the pipe fittings is much higher than the resistance along the air duct. This situation needs to be improved. The pipe fittings mainly include elbows, reducer tees and cross pipes. The central curvature radius of the elbow should be The side length of the rectangular duct is larger than that of the rectangular duct. The diameter of the circular duct is 1.25 times. For large section ducts, a deflector should be added to the duct to reduce resistance. In actual installation and construction, this treatment is rarely done. If the diameter is changed suddenly, it is advisable to make a gradual expansion (contraction) pipe. The expansion angle of each side of the expansion pipe should be greater than 15 degrees, and the contraction angle of each side of the reducer pipe should not be greater than 30 degrees. The three-way of the rectangular duct should be bent along the airflow. For diversion, the branch pipe should also have a certain radius of curvature. For diversion at a 90-degree angle, a deflector should be added to the elbow.

3. The air-conditioning box should be selected according to the local climatic conditions.

Regarding the selection of the air-conditioning box, the climatic environment should be considered. For example, in northern areas where the temperature is low in winter and the air contains a lot of dust, a fresh air preheating section should be added to the general air-conditioning unit, and water-sprinkling air treatment should be adopted. In this way, it not only cleans the air but also produces heat and temperature exchange to reach the required temperature and humidity. In the southern regions where the climate is humid and the air has a low dust concentration, there is no need to preheat the fresh air in winter. Filtration and adjustment of temperature and humidity use primary filtration. The cold surface can adjust the temperature and humidity, and the temperature and humidity can also be strengthened. After medium-efficiency filtration and terminal high-efficiency or sub-high-efficiency filtration, it is best to use frequency conversion fans for air-conditioning box matching fans. This is not only energy saving, but also flexible adjustment of air volume and pressure.

4. The automatic control device ensures full adjustment.
Many manufacturers now use manual methods to control air volume and air pressure. However, because the regulating valves for controlling air volume and air pressure are in the technical compartment, and the ceilings are also soft ceilings of color steel plates, they are basically installed and adjusted. Great. Since then, most of them have not been adjusted, and in fact they cannot be adjusted. In order to ensure the normal production and work of the clean plant, a relatively complete set of automatic control devices should be set up to achieve the following functions: clean room air cleanliness, temperature and humidity, pressure difference monitoring , Air valve adjustment, high-purity gas, pure water and circulating cooling water temperature, pressure, flow detection, gas purity, pure water quality monitoring, etc. The air filter of the purification air conditioning system increases with the increase in operating time. , In order to maintain the air volume, the air valve in the system needs to be adjusted. When the system is started during the system debugging, in order to start the fan without load, the air valve at the outlet of the fan needs to be closed. After the fan is started, the air valve is subjected to a lot of pressure , It is very difficult to open. After the variable frequency speed regulation device of the fan is controlled by the change of the pressure difference between the front and rear of the air filter, the adjustment of the air supply volume will become very easy, and the air supply pressure will be stable. These monitoring devices can be adjusted into a single system measurement The control system can also be converted into a distributed computer control and management system. When the fan of the air-conditioning system is stopped, there is no wind or over-temperature, the electric heater will continue to send electricity and heat, causing equipment damage or even fire. To avoid this In the event of this situation, protections against wind-free and over-temperature power-off should be set.

There are still many precautions for dust-free workshops, and I mainly summarize these 4 points for everyone: air conditioning purification, air duct economy and efficiency, climate control, automatic control devices, etc. Pay more attention to the design and implementation of the clean room to ensure the quality of the work in the clean room.

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