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Certificate Of Registration 1

Oct 18, 2019

Company has certificate of  registration.

Certificate of  Registration is the government's access control to certain professional and technical work with greater responsibility, social versatility and public interest. It is the professional and technical personnel to independently open or independently engage in a certain technical and technical work knowledge, technology and ability. Essential standard. It is obtained through the test method. The examinations are held regularly by the state, implementing a unified national outline, unified propositions, unified organization, and unified time.

Professional qualifications are the basic requirements for the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to pursue a particular profession. Professional qualifications include qualifications and practicing qualifications. Qualifications refer to the starting point for the knowledge, skills and abilities of a certain profession (type of work); the qualification of the practice is that the government implements access control for certain professions with greater responsibilities, strong social versatility, and public interests, and is open independently according to law. Or the necessary standards for a particular professional knowledge, skills, and abilities. Licensing is subject to a registration system.

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