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Characteristic of Clean Room Steel Door

Nov 28, 2019
Clean room steel doors are widely used in clean engineering fields, such as electronic, biological, pharmaceutical, hospital, food, military, aviation. With a very wide range of applications, it is a new type of sheet metal, which is deeply trusted by customers.
Characteristic of cleanroom steel door:
1. A stainless steel anti-collision belt is installed on the waist of the door fan to prevent accidental collision of the cart to damage the surface of the door.

2. SUS304 stainless steel is selected as the edge-wrapping material of the door frame. There is no stress connection around the edge of the door and the door is strong and durable.

3. The medical airtight door is stable, convenient, safe and reliable, which can meet the special requirements of airtight, sound insulation and intelligence.

4. The power beam is made of aluminum alloy profiles. Its unique V-shaped track and circular groove design meet the sealing requirements when it is closed. The overall structure is reasonable and reliable.

5. Rubber seals are installed on all sides of the door pages, filling the gap between the door pages and the door frame. The airtightness is excellent, which can prevent dust and bacteria, reduce air leakage and ensure the gradient distribution of air pressure difference between adjacent rooms.

6. The door frame and the wall remain the same plane, which is more beautiful, and full of integrity. Three neighbors are installed with a seal, and the bottom of the door is equipped with sweeping strips, in line with the use of health requirements of all walks of life.

7. The door is surrounded by an aluminum-gold frame structure.
The surface of the cleanroom steel door is made of stainless steel wire drawing panel or high-quality aluminum alloy panel or aluminum-plastic panel or fire-proof panel by high-voltage electrostatic spraying. The inner sandwich is made of injection polyurethane foaming technology. The door panel is
the firm, flat and elegant.

Cleanroom steel door material: cold-rolled steel panel.
Production: The door frame is made of SPCC 1.5mm and the door plate is made of SPCC 1.0mm.
Doors and windows (conventional: 400*600) are double-layer toughened glass (right angle window, arc window, outer inner circular window)
The core material of the door panel is flame retardant paper honeycomb, and the surface adopts electrostatic spraying treatment (color according to customer requirements).
Accessories: Stainless steel hinge, automatic lifting bar, door closer, hardware accessories, split lock, etc.
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