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Characteristics of HPL Sandwich panel

Nov 26, 2019
Clean room HPL sandwich panel has the following characteristics:
1. Anti-impact: The solid uniform core and the hard surface structure of special resin make the panel extremely resistant. This feature is confirmed by the test results of the depression of BSEN438-2/91 sphere and its daily use.
2. Scratch-resistant: The special surface structure makes the HPL sandwich scratch-resistant, and it can keep its shape from being damaged for a long time even under the action of various hard objects.
3. Wear resistance: The BSEN438-2/91 test shows that the HPL sandwich has strong wear resistance and is suitable for places where heavy objects are placed or where frequent cleaning is required.
4. Easy to clean: The compact impermeable surface makes it difficult for the dust to adhere to it, so the product can be easily cleaned with the relevant solvents without any influence on the color.
5. Moisture resistance: The core of the HPL sandwich is a special thermosetting resin, so it will not be affected by weather changes and moisture, nor will it spoil or produce mould. The stability and durability of HPL sandwich are comparable to that of hardwood.
6. Fireproof: BSEN438-2/91 test showed that the surface of HPL sandwich had strong protection against burning cigarettes. The material is flame retardant, the panel will not melt, drop or explode, and can maintain its characteristics for a long time. Various European tests show that this material has a high fire resistance grade. In France, the standard tests of NFX70100 and NFX10702 for melamine board show that this material does not release toxic and corrosive gases. It is classified as F1 grade and is one of the best materials for construction. In China, the melamine board has been tested by the National Fire-proof Material Inspection Center, and its combustion performance is GB8624-B1.
7. Anti-static: According to DIN51953 and DIN53482, HPL sandwich can be produced as anti-static material, which makes it very suitable for dust-free areas, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical plants, food industry, electronic industry, optical industry and computer industry.
8. Chemical corrosion resistance: Because of its uniform and compact structure, Clean room HPL sandwich panel is very strong at any point. If the surface is finished with special resin, its properties can be further strengthened. HPL sandwich panel is a beautiful, multi-functional building material for clean room outdoor and indoor use.

Clean room Sandwich panels with many excellent characteristics are of high quality, pollution-free, clean, safe and comfortable, creating  mild living space for the human environment.

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