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Miaoliu smart air valve adopts an innovative combination design of multi-point impeller flow meter and multi-blade structure, which can respond quickly and accurately detect the air flow status. It has been tested and verified by the National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and Shanghai Tongji University, and has low wind resistance and low noise. , low energy consumption and other advantages....

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Products advantage:

Response speed ≤ 2.5 seconds

Control accuracy 95%
Adjustable ratio 15:1
Installation straight pipe ≤1.5D
Various materials available
1. Support third-party standard communication protocol Modbus
2. Various specifications availableΦ160Φ250Φ315
3. Applicable to all air volume controls

Working principle:
The displacement sensor receives the opening height signal of the fume hood sliding door, and the controller converts the sliding door height signal into an air volume demand signal. The controller transmits the air volume demand signal to the exhaust valve. The air valve assembly automatically compares the detected air volume signal with the air volume demand signal, adjusts the blade opening angle, and adjusts the exhaust valve to the appropriate opening within 2.5 seconds. The air supply valve tracks the air volume signal of the exhaust valve and always keeps the air volume of the air supply valve at the preset value of the air volume of the exhaust valve.







Product Categories:

Working principle of variable air volume single valve:
The air valve receives the air volume command sent by the host computer; the air valve assembly automatically compares the detected current air volume value with the air volume value required by the host computer, adjusts the blade opening angle, and adjusts the air valve to the required air volume within 2.5 seconds.
Working principle of fixed air volume single valve:
The damper assembly automatically compares the detected current air volume value with the set air volume value, adjusts the blade opening angle, and adjusts the damper to the set air volume value within 2.5 seconds. The constant air volume valve always keeps the air volume value behind the valve within the preset air volume range.
Working principle of pipeline combination valve
Taking a single damper as the basic unit and connecting it through the bottom frame of the damper, it can realize a variety of parallel structures and complete the control of different air volume ranges. It has the advantages of convenient and flexible combination and easy installation.

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