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How to choose the main materials for clean room decoration

Aug 19, 2022
In the process of clean room decoration, the selection of materials is an important process, which is divided into the selection of pipe materials, the selection of color steel purification materials and the selection of clean floor materials.
1. Selection of air duct materials
The new GMP classifies cleanliness classes using the new WHO and EU classification standards A, B, C and D. The cleanliness of the clean room is generally Class C, local Class A or Class B. It is required that the air ducts of the clean air-conditioning system should be made of galvanized steel with good quality and performance. The galvanized steel sheet should have a uniform galvanized layer without obvious oxide layer, and the galvanized layer should be free of pinholes, pitting, scaling, blistering and falling off. Coat hangers, connecting bolts and rivets should be galvanized. The air duct flange can be processed with ordinary angle steel, but the rust removal and anti-rust paint work should be done well. The external insulation of the air duct generally adopts rubber and plastic insulation, and the air duct of the smoke prevention and exhaust system adopts glass wool insulation.
2. Selection of materials for cleanroom sandwich panel purification
In order to meet the requirements that the clean room is not easy to accumulate, the enclosure structure of the clean workshop adopts non-combustible purification color steel plate. Purification wall panels should be corrosion-resistant, dust-proof, smooth, high-strength, and have a good sealing effect. Generally, 50 (76) and 100 metal wall panels are used. The panel material is polyester color steel plate, the inside is gypsum board, and the outside is moisture-proof galvanized steel plate. Purification ceiling requires good toughness, good smoothness and high strength. Generally, 55 type magnesium lined paper honeycomb purification color steel plate ceiling is used. The ceiling is made of polyester coated color steel sheet, 5 mm thick magnesium board, paper honeycomb panel and 5 mm thick magnesium board, glued together. Through this reinforcement structure and reliable hoisting, the walking load of maintenance personnel can be satisfied. Food grade sealant is used to seal the gap between the cleaned color steel plates to reduce the dust accumulation area.
3. Selection of clean floor materials

The clean floor of the clean room is usually composed of epoxy mortar self-flowing platform and PVC floor. Ordinary epoxy self-flowing platform is mainly composed of mortar and surface coating. The epoxy mortar system consists of epoxy resin, amine curing agent and graded aggregate mixed with inorganic pigments. According to the construction requirements, the construction thickness of the system is 36 mm.

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