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Laboratory design principles and requirements

Aug 19, 2022
1. The selection, design and construction of the laboratory must comply with national and local construction plans and biosafety considerations. The laboratory design should meet the control of biological, chemical, physical, radiation and other dangerous protection levels to a certain extent to prevent harm to the environment. Therefore, the design of the laboratory should comply with the regulations and requirements of environmental protection and building technical specifications.

2. The design of the laboratory should pay attention to whether the operation is convenient, whether the experimental process is reasonable, and whether the personnel are comfortable. The floor, wall, ceiling, pipeline, laboratory furniture, etc. of the laboratory should adopt the requirements of easy cleaning, anti-dust accumulation, anti-seepage temperature, etc., and should also be reasonably considered from environmental protection, energy saving, safety, economy and other aspects. Choose building materials that meet national standards.

3. Environmental parameters such as temperature and humidity, illumination, cleanliness, and noise in the laboratory must meet the work requirements. From the perspective of safety, it must meet the work needs of the experimenters and fully meet the requirements of energy conservation and environmental protection. The safety and environmental protection issues of the laboratory must comply with the safety management regulations and requirements of the relevant state departments for the corresponding level of the laboratory. It is also necessary to have a risk assessment of improper use of chemicals and confidential information, etc., and take relevant physical precautions. Ensure the safe transfer, collection, handling and disposal of hazardous materials.

4. The corridors and passages of the laboratory should not hinder the passage of people and items. Emergency exits should be set up with obvious signs. The laboratory should be used for the same experiment according to the room and should be disabled. Appropriate warnings and entry replication measures should be taken as required in different states such as disinfection and maintenance. such as warning signs. Warning lights, warning lines, access control, etc. The doors of the laboratory are equipped with door locks as required. Door locks should allow for quick internal opening.

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