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Development Trend of Clean Room Engineering Industry

Dec 20, 2019
Now the competition in the clean room industry is becoming more and more significant, and the clean room engineering industry is gradually changing in three directions.Gradually transform into energy-saving development.

First, change from price competition to value competition

Nowadays, electronic products are also developing into miniaturization and functionalization, so the reliability requirements of components are getting higher and higher.Then, the electronic information manufacturing industry will be more stringent on the various requirements of clean room standards. In the production process, even trace contamination may cause damage to components and products, which will directly affect the company's benefits.Therefore, the technological development of the electronic information industry promotes the project of clean room from price competition to technology competition.
Second,Energy conservation becomes an important goal
Clean room project is actually an important energy consumer in China, his consumption of energy can even reach the general office 10 to 30 times.Therefore, many companies will carry out related maintenance on the energy consumption of clean rooms, and suggest to reduce the energy consumption as much as possible.This means an increase in profits for companies.Therefore, the energy conservation of clean room is very important.
Third, To advanced clean room technology development
Now belongs to the information age of Information, want to stand firm in the society, we must master high-end technology.And air molecular pollution is now a concern.Therefore, the clean room gradually develops to the high-end clean technology, and studies air molecular pollution step by step.For its future development prospects, there is a great help.

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