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Why must food factories need purification?

Dec 26, 2019
Take bread and cake as an example. Bread and cake are popular foods for consumers, but they are prone to aging, and are easily infected by microorganisms and spoiled. So, how to prevent the mold and mildew problem of bread and cake? We know that the key control points of high-moisture products such as bread and cake are: baking, cooling, and packaging. These three key links. The baking process is actually a sterilization process. When the product is just out of the oven, due to heat radiation, a thermal protective layer will be formed around the product. Generally speaking, fine dust cannot fall on the product. At the same time, due to the very high temperature High, even if it falls, it is not easy to survive.
According to production practices, the hygienic condition of the workshop during production is uncontrollable! The reasons are roughly as follows:

1. The floor layout of the workshop is unreasonable; in many small and medium-sized enterprises, the mixing room, the baking room and the cooling room are not completely separated, which causes a large amount of air containing flour particles to fly around while stirring; the flour particles contain a large amount of mold and flour particles Can it fall on the product without mold?

2. The mechanical equipment can not meet the requirements of sterility; especially the ovens (boxes) now basically have the doors open on one side, and they are not designed according to GMP specifications at the time of design. From the perspective of quality management, this equipment guarantees Quality is lacking!

3. The clean area is not clean; if it is not completely isolated, there is no essential difference between the clean area and other areas from a microbial perspective. In addition, the production management is sometimes not in place, and the debris of the dropped products will become a source of transmission due to contaminated mold. This point is that manufacturers with purification workshops must also pay great attention! If a company with a purification workshop still has moldy products, more than 90% are due to this.

4. Production technology is not enough; production technology mainly refers to the usual production management and operation technology, such as sanitary management before and after production, sanitary management during production, and sanitary control procedures and implementation.

5. The formula is unreasonable; when manufacturers use composite preservatives, the proportion of salt, acid, sugar, and oil in the formula must be adjusted to achieve synergistic effects.

6, the management of inner packaging materials: is to be sterilized to a degree of sterilization, generally sterilization with ozone generator is the best.

Therefore, food production workshops must meet these standards through purification, which is why more and more people choose to purify.

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