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The following points should be noted.

Aug 11, 2020

1. Cleaning of the clean room should be done before the end of the day and after the end of the process operation.
2. Cleaning should be carried out in the operation of clean room air conditioning system.
3. After cleaning, the air-conditioning system will continue to operate until the required cleanliness level is restored, generally not less than the self-cleaning time of the clean room.
4. Sweeping mops and rags should not be made of easy-to-remove fabrics. They can generally be made of long-fibre materials or polyurethane sponges.
5. In order to prevent cross-contamination, clean rooms with different cleanliness levels should have their own special cleaning supplies, and garbage should be put into dustproof bags (plastic bags) and taken out.
6. Clean room cleaning detergent can be prepared by adding 30 g neutral residual liquid detergent per liter of water.
7. Purified water should be used instead of tap water for cleaning high-level clean rooms. Disinfectants used should be replaced regularly to prevent microorganisms from developing resistance to antibiotics.
8. When large objects are moved into a clean room, they should be cleaned initially by vacuum cleaner in general environment, and then further treated by vacuum cleaner or wiping method in quasi-clean room. During the period when the clean room purification system stops operating, large objects are not allowed to be moved into the clean room.
9. Small items that need to be brought into the clean room should be wiped and cleaned in the quasi-clean room first, and then brought in through the transfer window or into the handling box.
10. Fire fighting equipment, safety doors and safety passages in the clean room should be clearly marked, and staff members should be familiar with their locations. Safety doors must be open at any time, and no debris should be piled up in safety passages. Safety fire protection facilities should be checked regularly.
11. When a fire alarm occurs in a clean room, an alarm should be issued immediately, the fan and all equipment in the clean room should be closed, and the power supply and flammable gas access should be cut off. (System and fire alarm equipped with fire valve or fire switch will automatically shut down the fan and need manual reset afterwards.

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