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Application areas of clean room engineering

Sep 25, 2020

With the continuous improvement of modern people's living standards, people's living environment and quality of life have also reached a new level. High-purity water filtered by water purification equipment has been widely welcomed by people, and clean room engineering technology has gradually entered people's field of vision. Electronics, aerospace, bioengineering, pharmaceuticals, precision machinery, chemicals, food, machinery manufacturing and other high-tech fields and modern scientific clean room cleaning projects have been widely used. Many years of experience in clean room engineering, water and electricity installation, purification engineering design and construction services. Many industries are now implementing decontamination (control) air pollutants and dust removal work to create a clean and comfortable environment. Purification projects are mainly used in laboratories, food workshops, operating rooms, electronic workshops, biopharmaceuticals and other fields.

In the food industry, people are becoming more and more aware of food safety. In order to ensure food safety, the content of microorganisms is strictly controlled within a reasonable range. Through the purification of food workshops, food safety is improved, food taste is improved, and processing procedures are optimized.

In the experimental industry, dust and ions in the air will affect the experimental process and the accuracy of the experiment. Especially in high-tech research and development equipment, the requirements for fine dust ions are very strict.

In the production industry, the development of high-precision cutting-edge technology, high-precision products, and miniaturization are urgently needed to ensure a working environment with particles and temperature and humidity standards. Any particles and non-standard temperature and humidity may affect the working performance of manufacturing equipment. reliability.

In the medical industry, using the operating room decontamination project, the postoperative infection rate dropped from 8.9 to 0.26. The purification of the operating room is an important indicator of the hospital's medical level. In large hospitals, it is necessary to provide an advanced operating room to purify the delicate and complex operations.

(1) Pharmaceutical production my country's "Good Manufacturing Practice for Pharmaceutical Products" (also known as GMP) has been implemented nationwide, and different cleanliness levels have been proposed for the process requirements of the production environment. In addition to limiting the size and number of dust particles in the air, there are also clear limits on the number of biological particles (the number of bacteria).

(2) Hospital leukemia treatment rooms, burn wards, and operating rooms, according to the situation, cooperate with appropriate cleaning techniques to prevent bacterial infections and play an environmentally friendly treatment in the air. The company is located at:

(3) Experimental subjects such as the reproduction of experimental animals in medical experiments and genetic engineering should also have a clean environment to achieve effective results.


In the microelectronics industry, the microelectronics industry is the highest requirement of the current clean room industrial cleaning industry. In addition, like liquid crystal and optical fiber production in modern industry, cleanliness requirements are not high.

In the food industry, aseptic packaging of food is better than high temperature sterilization of canned food in maintaining the color, aroma, taste and nutrition of food.

Others such as the aerospace industry, precision machinery industry, instrumentation industry, and fine chemical industry are all used in clean technology.

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