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Application areas of clean rooms

Jan 02, 2020
Clean air-conditioning technology is also called clean room technology. The definition of clean room: In addition to meeting the general requirements for temperature and humidity in air-conditioned rooms, through various facilities and strict management in engineering technology, the indoor particulate content, air flow, pressure, etc. are also controlled to a certain range. Inside, this particular space is called a clean room.
Typical application areas of clean air-conditioning technology include: microelectronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, food industry, etc.

1) Microelectronics industry
The microelectronics industry is currently the industry with the highest requirements for clean rooms. The production and development of large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits (LSI and LSI) and liquid crystal displays (LCD) have increasingly higher requirements for dust control. In addition, modern industry In the production of liquid crystal and optical fiber, there are also high requirements for cleanliness.

2) Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical production: The National "GMP" sets different requirements for the cleanliness of the pharmaceutical production environment. For the preparation of bulk drugs, powders, injections, tablets, large infusion production, filling and other processes, clean standards for clean areas and control areas have been formulated.
Hospitals: Leukemia treatment rooms, burn wards, prevention of acute infectious diseases, and surgical operating rooms must also adopt clean technologies according to specific conditions to prevent bacterial infections in the air and play an environmental protection role in treatment.
Medical scientific experiments: For the scientific scientific experimental processes such as breeding of experimental animals and genetic engineering, a clean environment is also required to obtain effective results.

3) Food industry
Food aseptic packaging (such as flexible packaging of fresh fruit juice, milk, etc.) needs to complete the packaging process in a clean environment.

4) other
Such as aerospace industry, precision machinery industry, instrumentation industry, fine chemical industry, etc., all have widely applied clean technology.

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