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Introduction to the composition and construction of the clean room ceiling system

Sep 04, 2020

The clean room ceiling  system is designed according to the characteristics of the clean room. It has simple processing, convenient assembly and disassembly, and is convenient for daily maintenance after the clean room is built. The ceiling system is modular in design and has large plasticity, which can be factory-produced or cut on site. The pollution of processing and construction is greatly reduced. The system has high strength and can walk on it. It is especially suitable for high-clean areas, such as electronics, semiconductors, and medicine. industry. 

Ceiling system composition:


1) T-shaped structure, dry ceiling, anode aluminum material, surface electrophoresis treatment.

2) Sprinklers, smoke detectors and lighting wires can be installed at the T-bar cross joint

3) Clean room teardrop lighting can be installed under the T-bar

2. Connector:

1) The connecting parts include cross joints, T-shaped joints, corner joints, and zinc alloy materials. The entire system is screwed together to form a whole.

2) Galvanized full wire suspension rod, with adjuster to adjust the height of the ceiling, connected by clamps and nuts.

3) All screws and nuts are galvanized

3. System scalability: high efficiency filters, FFU, etc. can be easily installed.

To Clean room FFU ceiling connection node

1. Check the baseline—check the datum level—prefabrication of boom—stake out boom installation—installation of boom—prefabrication of ceiling keel—installation of ceiling keel—level adjustment of ceiling keel—position of ceiling keel—installation of cross reinforcement piece—measurement of abnormal keel Dimensions—Interface closing—Ceiling keel gland installation—Ceiling keel level adjustment

2. check the baseline

A. Be familiar with the drawings carefully, and confirm the construction area and the position of the cross reference line according to the relevant data.

B. Check the ceiling reference line with theodolite and laser level.

3. Check the reference elevation

Determine the elevation of the ceiling according to the ground or raised floor

4. Boom prefabrication

A. According to the floor height, calculate the length of the boom required for each ceiling height, and then cut it.

B. After processing, the boom that meets the requirements is pre-assembled with the square regulator and other accessories.

5.Installation of boom: After setting out the boom, install the boom in a large area according to the position of the boom, and fix it on the airtight ceiling keel through the flange anti-slip nut.

6.prefabricated ceiling system

When the keel is prefabricated, the protective film cannot be removed, the hexagon socket screws need to be tightened, and the pre-assembly area is moderate.

7.Ceiling keel installation

The prefabricated ceiling keel is hoisted onto the T-shaped screw pre-assembled by the boom, the square adjuster is offset from the center of the cross joint by 150mm, and the T-shaped screw and flange anti-slip nut are locked.

8. ceiling keel level adjustment

After the construction of an area of the ceiling grid, the level of the keel should be adjusted, and the laser level and receiver should be used for adjustment. The level difference should not be higher than the ceiling height by 2mm, and it should not be lower than the ceiling height.

9. ceiling grid positioning

After the keel is installed in a certain area, it needs to be temporarily positioned, and the center of the ceiling and the cross reference line should be corrected with a heavy hammer, and the deviation should be within one millimeter. Columns or civil steel structures and walls can be selected as anchor points.

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